Welcome to That Christian Website!

That Christian Website offers free downloadable audio and video sermons, study guides, outlines, tracts, and articles for your edification.

Any material you find on this website you are free to use.  The material represents sermons I have preached, articles I have written, outlines I have prepared, and study material I have used over the last decade.  This would include uses such bulletin articles, class material, sermon outlines, etc.  You may also link to any of the site material with your congregation or personal websites as well as through social media such as Facebook, stumbleupon, etc.  The more you share and use the material the more souls are reached.  If you desire to put my name (Travis Main) or the site name (That Christian Website) as identification as to where the material came from you may, but I don’t require it.

This site and http://www.churchofchristarticles.com are part of my personal effort to spread the gospel.  The sites do not make me money.  I do not/will not run ads on the websites.  I am just a singular preacher trying to do what he can.  If your congregation would like me to come hold a meeting, training class, lecture, etc. I would be more than happy to do so if my schedule allows.  At present, I am not located at any congregation and do have freedom to travel quite often to wherever may be requested.

Thank you for visiting That Christian Website. If you find anything that does not seem to function properly let me know and I will investigate. I hope you enjoy the site and it edifies. Please do share and link to us so that we together can spread the gospel.

Travis Main

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