Bible People

Each of the people listed below are real, factual, actually lived on earth, Bible people!  Right Click the links to download and listen to the audio study of each of them as they are examined verse by verse.

Quick Reference of Studies Listed Below: Ruth, Rechabites, Esther, Gideon, Ehud, Job, Jonah, Zacchaeus, Daniel, Samson.

RuthLoyalty, faithfulness, obedience… such rare traits to find, let alone in one widowed girl far away from home.  How will she live?  Is she willing to humble herself to gleaning in the fields?  Why is she so kind to her husband’s widowed mother?

RechabitesLife on the road, wide open spaces, living in tents, and avoiding the grape as a way of life.  Is it time to take a drink and let the traditions of the forefathers go by the wayside?

EstherKing Xerxes is looking for a new wife.  Esther is taken away to be part of his harem.  Oh the plots that run amok with the kings head man.  Will the jews be destroyed?  Will Esther lose her life for approaching the king?  Was she born for such a time as this?

GideonThere is a time for all things under heaven, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time for peace, a time for war.   Gideon leads God’s army in victory, but only after he sends thousands of warriors home.  What kind of man is this?  Is he only looking to be King?

EhudHe may have been left handed but he was in the right.  Here is a time when men did what was right in their own eyes.   How did this judge deliver Israel from oppresive judgement for their deeds?

JobWhen you are down and out, when you are troubled sore, when you just want to know why rotten things are happening to you, then you have to think of Job.  Job had it all.  Fields, servants, a large family, good health… then it was all taken away.  Think you have problems?  Wait til you meet Job’s friends!

Jonah – What happens when you run away from God?  Jonah ends up with the fish.  Swallowed, barfed back up as he straightens out his priority list.  God sure wants Jonah to preach repentance, but Jonah sure doesn’t want to see Ninevah repent.  What happens when the will of a single man collides with that of God?

Zacchaeus“Zachaeus was a wee little man…”.  Our children sing this song, the recall that Jesus went to this man’s house.  They know that Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus.  Who was Zacchaeus?  Was he as bad as many people claim?  Why did Jesus go to his house?

DanielA captive taken unto Babylon.  He rises high in the kingdom and his faith never falters.  He puts God first in his life despite what others say or plan against him.   Can you imagine spending a night in a lion’s den and surviving?  Praise God for the deliverance of Daniel and the recording of such a grand example for Christians today.

SamsonThe Bible’s strong man.  Honestly, if anyone could be a member of Biker’s for Jesus, this would be the candidate.  He was a gambler, a partier, a man with an eye for ladies.   Unfortunately, this lack of self control would be his downfall.

Zedekiah Every study a Bible character using the theme for the Beverly Hillbillies?

JesusWhat greater figure is there in the Bible?  Jesus our Savior, who died for all that would come to Him and be clothed with Him.  He was a man.  He is God.  He healed, he resurrected, he forgave sins.