Biblical Authority

There is only one way and that is God’s way.  God’s words are all we need for life and Godliness.  How do we know we are following what he commands?  The Bible tells us!  It gives us authority.  Right Click the links to download and listen to the audio study of each of them as they are examined verse by verse.

Quick Reference of Studies Listed Below: Building a Rock Solid Life, Religion According to Man, Authority and its Delegation, Covenant Authority, Establishing Authority by Commands, Establishing Authority by Account of Action, Establishing Authority by Implication, Expediences vs. Additions, Silence of the Scriptures, Holy Hands.

Building A Rock Solid LifeReligiously, many are standing on the quicksand of convenience instead of on bedrock of lasting truth.  We live in a world where we want everything in a hurry. Many complain of having so little time to enjoy life.  It seems the “Just do it” philosophy has tackled all religious and non-religious activity. When the Storms of Life come, people are sacrificing enduring truth for quick fixes.

Religion According to ManMore and more Christians are not grounded in how to ascertain and apply Bible authority.  Most agree “we must have Bible authority 4 all we believe and do”, but don’t know where to go from there.  This has led to many unauthorized and sinful doctrines and practices within churches of Christ.

Authority and Its DelegationWhen I was a boy, I wanted to stay up late, dress my way, jump on my bed, eat my way, watch my shows, and be home when I wanted. My Parents informed me that as long as I was living under their roof, I would live by their authority. They said when I was an adult and had a family of my own, I would have the authority to do what I wanted then.

Covenant AuthorityAuthority does not come from personal feelings, popular majority, or sincerity. Living with a lack of authority will lead to eternal destruction.  Authority inheres in God.

Establishing Authority by CommandsEstablishing authority is not the same as hermeneutics. “Hermeneutics” is a set of rules for interpreting or explaining.  Many Hermeneutics: Mystical method, allegorical method, spiritual method, hierarchical method, rationalistic method, apologetic method, dogmatic method, inductive method, deductive method. Today, many churches we are acquainted with, churches our young folks are visiting with for the purpose of socialization, are suggesting we need a new hermeneutic or way of looking at the authority of the Scriptures.

Establishing Authority by Account of ActionSecond way we determine Authority.  Accounts of action can be binding.  They can be delivered the same way that Direct Statements are delivered. We must examine them utilizing the scriptures as our only hermeneutic.

Establishing Authority by ImplicationDifferences Between Implication, Inference, And Necessary Inference.  An Implication is something naturally to be understood: suggestion.  The speaker or writer is the one doing the implying.  An Inference is the reasoning process from the Implication: a logical conclusion…

Expediencies vs. AdditionsSome religious bodies believe if they use God’s name with an action, it can be done as expediency. “The end justifies the means”; Will it draw crowds and be popular with younger generations? Great Do it!   Anything that will accomplish what seems to be good is permissible.

Silence of the Scriptures Some Say: If the Bible is Silent about an Issue, you cannot speak about it.  The Bible has plenty to say about how to deal with silence.  The Bible is states that it is the complete will of God sufficient for all we need.  Let’s let the Bible Speak.

Holy HandsWhere and when do we see this today?  Predominantly in Pentacostal Christian Churches, increasingly within the church. Why? Pentacostals/Charismatics/Evangelicals emphasize the personal experience in worship.  This in part comes from a misunderstanding about the role of the Holy Spirit.