The Life of Jesus Christ

From beginning to end, study the life of Jesus Christ.  Right Click the links to download and listen to the audio study of each of them as they are examined verse by verse.

Quick Reference of Studies Listed Below: Birth, youth, temptation, teachings, miracles, betrayal and arrest, trials, death and burial, resurrection, second coming, and Who is God?.

The Virgin Birth of Jesus – Jesus Christ is the most well known man of all time.  Yet, how is it there are so many confusing statements concerning his birth?  Want to set the record straight?   Grab a bible and let’s get started.

Jesus Childhood and the 3 R’s – The young life of Jesus is recorded quite briefly in scripture.  In fact, outside of his birth, we only have a brief examination of Him when He was 12. 

The Temptation of Jesus – The enemy of mankind and God is out to trip Jesus up.  He catches Jesus at a time of great physical weakness and vulnerability.  Satan even quotes scripture!   What will Jesus do?

The Teachings of Jesus – “Peace, peace!”  Men from ages before to this very day desire a message of love.  Jesus does not disappoint.  Yet, the question must be asked?  What is a message of love?  If you are told not to put your foot in a boot because there is a poisonous snake in there is that preaching a message of hate? 

The Miracles of Jesus – Jesus heals and the world beat a path to his door.  Wherever he went, people desired to hear his teachings and see his works.  Someone paralyzed?  No problem.   Blind from birth, no big deal.  Jesus healed them all.  But what do you do with someone who is dead?

The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus – Trust and love were demonstrated by our Savior as he dealt with the chosen twelve, the apostles.  Yet, not all of them are as they seem.  One of them will sell Jesus out to the Jews.  Will Jesus fight?  Does he know who it is?  What will be his reaction when he is betrayed with a kiss?

The Trials of Jesus – Jewish laws and Roman laws were unique.  They would both pertain to Jesus Christ.  Yet, such authority is given only by God.  Would the laws be followed?  Or would the trials be rigged from the start?

The Death and Burial of Jesus – 3 years ministry, 30 years growing to be man to be heard, thousands of years of prophecy of the coming King, and Jesus is hung on a cross by man.  Is this how it was supposed to go? 

The Resurrection of Jesus – 3 days in a tomb.  Roman guards surrounding the tomb.  A large stone in front of the tomb.  The seal of a Roman official commanded not to be broken on the tomb.  What happened?

Jesus Second Coming – The hope of all Christians is the hope of Christ’s return to take them to heaven.  How will this happen?  When will it happen?  What about the earthly kingdom?

Did Christ Die in Vain?Did God’s plan fail?  Did he have to turn to a plan B?  All the prophecy, all the planning, was it for nothing?

Who Is God? – Few argue the Father is God, but what about the Holy Spirit?  And how does Jesus play into the role of Deity?   Was he just a man?  Was he just a prophet?  Was he a man simply elevated to authority by God?

Who Crucified Jesus? – Was it the Jews?  Was it the Romans?  Was it Satan?  Was it God?  Was it Jesus himself?  Was it you and I?  Who dunnit!