Tracts are a great way to aid your study and interaction with others.  Has someone asked a question that you don’t think you can smoothly explain?   Tracts can help!  You don’t have time to have a study at the moment?   Leave a tract!  Want to develop your knowledge further regarding a topic?   Grab a tract!

The links below are from my friends at the 39th Street Church of Christ in Independence, Missouri.  The authors of the tracts are primarily men I am friends with or men who have a reputation of teaching the truth.  You will note that on, there are few links to outside sources.  It is my desire to only lead folks to where they will find sound sources of truth.  Yet, men are human.  I encourage everyone to trust material only as much as it corresponds to scripture.  If it does not, let the author know why it does not so they can further exact themselves.